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The SeaTraceR AIS B Transponder was one of the first to be designed following the release of the IEC- 62287-1 specification. It utilises the most sophisticated digital signal processing and software algorithms to implement the required CS-TDMA transmitter and receiver functions. Robust and resilient to the stresses of life at sea, the SeaTraceR is housed in an IP-65 rated aluminium enclosure with matching and versatile mounting hardware, all of which is protected with a sea-water resistant coating under a heavy-duty powder-coat external finish.

Product Features:

  • See other vessels within your vicinity, even if they are behind another object ie. headland, island, ship
  • You will be visible to any AIS-equipped vessel or coast station within VHF range
  • You will see AIS navigation beacons (AtoNs) clearly displayed on your screen
  • Collisions can be easily avoided
  • Security monitoring at ports, harbours and marinas
  • Hire and charter craft can be easily monitored
  • Anti-smuggling,  Anti-terrorist and Anti-piracy

Adding an AIS Transponder to your vessel greatly improves your safety, security and situational awareness. However, it does not totally replace the function of a good radar set, a proven good radar reflector or a keen pair of eyes! There are some circumstances when a commercial SOLAS vessel will still not see or react to your transmission - but at least you will know he is there with AIS! Nothing can take the place of good seamanship, good training, and good equipment

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