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Beacon DGPS systems

mxlogoMX-Marine offers complete turnkey Beacon DGPS systems for the transmission of differential DGPS corrections.

A turnkey Beacon DGPS system network consists of Beacon Broadcast Stations and Central Control Stations. The Broadcast Stations and Control Stations communicate via dedicated local area network and/or by a modem line(s).

Leica Geosystems has developed an extensive Windows NT based Broadcast Station and Control Station software. The software is user friendly and complies with RSIM (Reference Station Integrity Monitor) protocol.

Leica Geosystems designs the DGPS Beacon Systems in accordance with the international standards for DGPS Beacon broadcasts adopted by IALA.

Leica created several new products as part of the beacon system development program. Leica's GPS navigators were some of the first to be enhanced with beacon system capabilities, allowing seamless integration with the DGPS Beacon System. As a result, Leica Geosystems is able to offer a complete turn-key system with equipment supplied from a single manufacturer. This ensures overall responsibility for the proper integration and operational performance of the entire system. 

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