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Fishfinders Echo Sounders

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Koden offer the highest quality fishfinders
for both recreational and professional fishermen.

Australian owned Coursemaster Autopilots is the Australian distributor of Koden Marine electronics.

"I do not anchor unless we have target fish on our Koden sounder
- Greg, Aussie Fisho

The Koden CVS-126 Digital 5.7" colour echo sounder displays clear, realistic visual impressions.

The Koden CVS-128 Digital 8.4" colour fishfinder is available with a 600W or 1kW transducer.

NEW! Koden CVS-128B Broadband Digital Echo Sounder /  Fishfinder featuring two optional frequencies offering extraordinary maneuverability.

Call us now for the name of your closest local Australian dealer on 02 9417 7097 or email sales@coursemaster.com

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CVS 126 The new digital colour hi res 5.7" sounder with 600W and dual frequency 50/200kHz features high resolution in shallow areas and high gain in deep water. Sona tone notifies you when fish are located. Water resistant compact case. Product Details
CVS 128 The new CVS 128 brilliant digital colour 8.4" sounder with 600W/1kW output power, dual frequency 50/200kHz and features Koden Digital Filtering that eliminates clutter and enhances fish targets. Product Details
CVS 128B The new Broadband CVS 128B brilliant digital colour 8.4" sounder with 2kW output power, featuring choice of two types of broadband transducer offering two optional frequencies to find the best setting for your fishing. Product Details
CVS-1410 Koden introduces the 10.4" Digital Colour LCD Echo Sounder CVS-1410 and the CVS-1410HS (High Sensitivity) for professional use. Product Details
CVS-1410B New Digital Broadband Sounder with two types of broadband transducer available for choice; two selectable frequencies offering extraordinary maneuverability to find the best setting for your fishing. Product Details
CVS-FX1 The Ultimate broadband sounder with digital processing and World's First simultaneous quad frequency sounder Product Details

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