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Rate Gyro Compass

Rate Gyro


 Rate Gyro Compass

Product Part  CM437

The Coursemaster Rate Gyro Compass - a combined rate gyro and fluxgate compass in a single housing - a combination that offers the best steering performance over a wide range of conditions.

Coursemaster's Rate Gyro Compass offers the best enhanced course holding accuracy, reduces rudder movement and power consumption, wear and tear, and offers overall fuel savings.

A fluxgate compass, which must operate on a horizontal plane, may be affected by pitching, rolling or a fast turn; however, the rate gyro sensor responds only to yaw ie. a change in heading.

Coursemaster Autopilots software combines both the output of the standard fluxgate and the rate gyro. The fluxgate gives an accurate absolute heading free of drift, while the gyro gives an accurate short-term heading, free of acceleration effects.

The Rate Gyro Compass is a perfect solution for all power and sailing vessels cruising the coast
or crossing the oceans:

  • It is not affected by a boats acceleration
  • It is not as influenced by magnetic fields
  • It reduces rudder activity and improves steering and reduces power consumption
  • It provides a far steadier course than any autopilot using only a fluxgate compass which can result in overall power and fuel savings
  • It overcomes southerly heading problems in Southern Hemisphere and northerly heading problems in Northern Hemisphere

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