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Outboards & Sterndrives



Each standard Admiral Kit comes in a single carton including the following items:-

  • Admiral Series Model 401 Helm
  • 2 litres HyDrive ULTRA-15 fluid
  • 15 metres (50 ft) high pressure hydraulic tubing**
  • Installation Instructions
  • All fittings to suit
  • Bleeder Kit
  • Cylinder type of your choice

** MERCKIT & VOLVOKIT do not include tubing

Which kit will fit my boat?

For outboard motor steering selection, the most important requirement is the amount of room available either side of the outboard motor. Please ensure that the measurement is taken at the narrowest section of your engine well - particularly with tapered wells, as the cylinder tilts down with the motor.

The OBKIT1 using the 211BH cylinder may be the most practical for installation to allow for boarding ladders, ski-ropes, or other obstacles. The Bosun series kits include 411BH cylinders made from anodised aluminium.

Order by:
HYDRAKIT Hydracable kit is for outboards and sterndrives. For outboards up to single 200HP or dual outboards counter-rotating up to 300HP total. Product Details
OBKIT 1 This popular kit for a single station monohull includes model 211BH cylinder manufactured in bronze, brass and stainless steel. Models available for cats and dual stations. Product Details
OBKIT 2-5 These kits are suitable for outboards and sterndrives - kits contain a 401 helm and 2L Ultra 15 hydraulic fluid and a specific cylinder suitable for the engine on your boat. Product Details
SPORTKIT The HyDrive 212T Sport cylinder is a compact, tube-mount cylinder capable of handling up to twin 150HP engines (counter rotating) or a single 175HP engine or power-assist sterndrive Product Details
VOLVOKIT & MERCRUISERKIT VolvoKit1 includes the 216V cylinder as the standard model for Volvo sterndrive DPS/SX; the VolvoKit1-Mk1 is a 210V cylinder and helm for models DPD/DPE). No tubing included. Product Details

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